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Dog Vet in Wesley Chapel, FL

Their love is pure. Their heart is gold. Here, we’ll help them love life and grow old.

Break The Mold

We know what it’s like to love a dog. To truly love them. And our veterinarians are going to make sure that your beloved companion has the best care possible. As a dog vet, we provide a full range of services, and take special pride in reducing pain, increasing longevity, and protecting the bond you two share. Through physical exams, dentistry, parasite control, surgery, vaccinations, and everything in between… here, every dog will have its day.

a yellow lab puppy

Canine Preventive Care

We want the very best for your dog. And that means keeping them healthy through preventive care, such as vaccinations, routine blood and fecal testing, parasite prevention and more. The physical exam - this is the most important diagnostic our dog vets will ever perform on your dog. It helps us to detect disease and pain and intervene as early as possible. Unfortunately, dogs age much more quickly than we do, and this is why we recommend a thorough physical exam every 6 months.

At Villa Rosa Veterinary Hospital, we believe in vaccinating for diseases that are preventable. We also believe in creating a vaccine plan that is individualized to your dog’s lifestyle. We follow the AAHA vaccine recommendations and also offer titer testing. A titer test measures the concentration of antibodies in the blood and helps to determine if your dog has developed a strong cell-mediated response to prior vaccines. This helps us decide if your dog needs a booster. Although vaccines are generally very safe, titer testing is useful for pets that have an immune mediated disease, cancer, or history of adverse vaccine reactions.

Heartworm disease is easily preventable, and we offer several options for keeping your dog safe! We provide injectable and oral heartworm protection, as well as oral flea and tick prevention.

a black dog sleeping on a porch

Diagnostics and Imaging

Villa Rosa Veterinary Hospital offers high quality laboratory and radiology services. Whether your dog is sick and needs immediate test results with our in-house lab equipment, or has a chronic disease requiring more specialized testing, we have a dog vet that is here to help.

a husky dog outdoors

Pain Management and Geriatric Care

Pain management is an essential component of veterinary medicine and is very important to us. Fortunately, our dogs live longer lives than they ever have before. But with these advanced ages comes age-related disease. We are here to help keep your dog as comfortable as possible. We would love to discuss how we can make your dog feel better!

a jack russell terrier chasing down a frisbee

Hospice and Euthanasia

Humane euthanasia is a practice that we hold the utmost respect for. It is close to our hearts, because we have all gone through this difficult process. We strive to provide a peaceful end of life experience. Whether you just want to discuss quality of life, or need help making this difficult decision, we are here for you.

a yellow lab puppy

Dog Vaccinations in Wesley Chapel

The earliest care your puppy will need is for vaccines. Beginning at 6-8 weeks of age, we will walk you through all the shots your puppy needs.

Consider microchipping your dog to ensure proper identification if he or she is ever lost. Inserting a microchip is quick and easy, and will remain under the skin for a lifetime. If your dog ever gets loose, a microchip can help bring him or her home. Any veterinarian can scan the microchip, which will bring up your name, phone number, and address for a safe return.

a black dog sleeping on a porch

Flea and Tick Preventatives

Prevention is the best way to ensure fleas and ticks never enter your home! There are a lot of options available and we can help you choose the best one for your dog.

Reach out to one of our dog vets and contact us today if you have any questions about your dog's care!